We understand that not all teachers are at home and some are still teaching. Therefore, we are offering our same 6 weeks of free resources but tailored to suit the needs of a classroom! Step by step lesson plans and resources are available for you and your class.

Each set will be released weekly starting the 3rd April and is available in English, Spanish and French. 


Me, Myself and I


Self-Confidence • Self-Esteem • Celebration of Diversity • Global Citizenship


This book centres around individuality and self-confidence, noting that we are all different and we are all special. The activities include discussions about unique physical characteristics and abilities, skin colours, and how each child is an equal piece of the classroom puzzle.

Amazing Daisy


Resilience • Problem-Solving • Goal-Setting • Empowering girls


This book focuses on resilience and goal setting, as children follow the dream and mission of a chick called Daisy who is determined to fly. The activities present children with the opportunity to set their own goals and work toward accomplishing them, both in a group and individually.

Wally the Wave


Self-Regulation • Emotional Literacy • Self-Awareness


In this book, the children explore emotional control with a wave who reacts angrily to his empty beaches, then learns how to effectively regulate his big and strong emotions. The children first learn that large emotions such as anger, frustration and sadness are okay, and then learn various strategies to help control their minds and bodies when these large emotions begin to take over.

Diego’s Great Idea


Being an Advocate for Others • Inclusion • Kindness • Problem-Solving • Empathy

This book promotes inclusion and kindness and follows Diego’s journey to ensure all his classmates can be involved in a game, including a girl who uses a wheelchair. During the activities, children learn how it is to be differently abled and explore how to adapt games to ensure all have the opportunity to participate and have fun.



I Love My Planet


Environmental Awareness


In this book, children are exposed to the various ways in which they can help the environment, through conservation, recycling and caring for the Earth, our shared home. Activities give  children the opportunities to discuss elements of environmentalism, including what recycling might look like, and devising ways in which they can personally help to protect their Earth.

Rainbows in Windows


Empathy • Resilience • Self-regulation • Critical Thinking •  Kindness

This book directly addresses the multiple effects the COVID-19 pandemic might have on children across the world. Daily routines have been interrupted and people are behaving differently, which may make some children feel anxious or scared. Here, children learn basic facts about the virus, various ways to keep safe and healthy and methods of calming themselves down if they’re feeling overwhelmed. Above all, they learn that the routines they know, love and miss will certainly return and that kindness and gratitude to others is of paramount importance.



What other teachers have to say about us!

“With the help of organisations like Think Equal, we can turn this around and make lives better for women and girls. Their commitment to supporting others makes a deep difference in peoples’ lives.”

– Teacher in Canada


“The lesson plans are excellent and fit the group time format we already use with our children. I think the structured lesson plans will work very well as written as they will enable me to support practitioners in a very methodical way.”

– Teacher from the United Kingdom 

“After working on the topic of “tantrums”, a boy approached another boy in the playground who was very angry. He picked up the rubbish bin lid and said, “throw your anger in here”. The next day, the mother of the angry child come to ask what had happened because the boy had spent
the evening throwing his anger into the rubbish bin and inviting his family to do the same.” 

– Teacher in Kenya


“I see a lot of changes in the children for the better. Children who rejected other children for their colour or their capabilities, children who had attitude problems, they think equal now.”

– Teacher in Sri Lanka

“One child used to have bad tantrums often that would last a long time and upset other students. He now rarely has them, and when he does, his peers are much more tolerant about them. I strongly believes this would not have happened had it not been for Think Equal.”

– A teacher in Singapore


Once you have completed the course you can celebrate with our one of a kind certificates! Or if you choose the colouring in version you can colour in the picture that represents each book after you have read it! You will receive your certificate in the last pack or click here to download!

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