On Thursday 21st March we signed a collaboration agreement with Scholas Occurrentes – a non-denominational organisation which brings values to youth, founded by Pope Francis in 2013. Scholas now works in 187 countries.

Our founder and CEO, Leslee, and our Director of Programmes, Giulia D’Amico, were invited to the Vatican for a meeting with the Pope and to have the collaboration agreement signed.

This was a most thrilling day and is a remarkable milestone for Think Equal in ensuring its reach and scale, in driving forward its mission to give every child in the world his/her inalienable right to positive outcomes in life. I am so grateful to the Scholas team and the enlightened and refulgent Pope Francis for joining hands with us in our joint mission to bring love where there was hate, equality where there was discrimination, and peace where there was war.” – Leslee Udwin


Imaginable Futures (Omidyar Network) X Think Equal

Imaginable Futures (Omidyar Network) X Think Equal

  24th of January 2020 - Congratulations to our partners at Omidyar Network’s Education initiative on officially becoming Imaginable Futures, an independent philanthropic investment firm dedicated to building universal well-being through learning. The mission of...

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