Think Equal Founder and CEO, Leslee Udwin, attended the GlobalMindED Annual conference in Denver from June 5-7, 2019, where she presented on the topic of Early Childhood Development. Leslee was also awarded the GlobalmindED Media and Arts award, for her film, India’s Daughter, and the work it has led to. While accepting her award, Leslee said:

“I feel a bit nostalgic looking at this (award), because I’m absolutely sure that this is going to be the last award I ever get for media or film. And the reason I’m so sure is…I’ve stopped making them! And the reason I’ve stopped is actually very serious. Films are wonderful at creating awareness, but we have enough awareness in this world of ours. What we need is action, not awareness. I know this as a result of the film that I have been generously honoured for tonight, called “India’s Daughter” – the last film I have made – where I interviewed rapists for 31 hours and understood that we are responsible for their behaviour, we are responsible for how they think because we have programmed them.”  


Think Equal South Africa Training in Eastern Cape & Johannesburg

Think Equal South Africa Training in Eastern Cape & Johannesburg

The Think Equal team went to South Africa to train a new crop of Think Equal teachers for 2020 in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng. The Think Equal team of trainers went to both rural and urban locations, and overall 165 teachers and Heads of schools were trained in the...

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