Think Equal has signed an MOU with DGMT in South Africa as a strategic partner. DGMT is a South African foundation based in Cape Town which distributes about USD 10 million of its own money annually and manages about USD 12 million of project-specific co-funding from other private foundations and bilateral donors. Almost all of these co-funded projects are aimed at achieving scale through a combination of private and public funding.

David Harrison, CEO of the DGMT, is described by Leslee as “a visionary who shares Think Equal’s objectives and beliefs in a profound and inspiring way. I am thrilled by our collaboration with him and the DGMT”.


Imaginable Futures (Omidyar Network) X Think Equal

Imaginable Futures (Omidyar Network) X Think Equal

  24th of January 2020 - Congratulations to our partners at Omidyar Network’s Education initiative on officially becoming Imaginable Futures, an independent philanthropic investment firm dedicated to building universal well-being through learning. The mission of...

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