Friday, February 6 – 7 2020, Vatican, Rome – Think Equal Founder & CEO Leslee Udwin, was invited to present a paper on ECD learning, gathered around world experts at the seminar on  ‘Education: The Global Compact’, organized by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

In Pope Francis’s conference opening address he calls for a new “educational compact” that addresses the inequalities children face in accessing education. His holliness says “poverty, discrimination, climate change, the globalization of indifference and the exploitation of human beings all prevent the flourishing of millions of children.”

He goes on to say “concern for education is a concern for future generations and for the future of humanity [..] Education is not merely about transmitting concepts; it is an enterprise that demands cooperation on the part of all involved – the family, the school and social, cultural and religious institutions. In order to educate, one has to be able to combine the language of the head, with the language of the heart, and the language of the hands.” In order to “create the men and women of tomorrow.”

Leslee Udwin presented her paper on the innovative Think Equal program which provides a practical Early Childhood solution to support the conference’s global education goals. Leslee’s paper covered the positive impact Think Equal directly has on children and communities, whilst also supporting the achievement of the United Nation’s Global Goals, especially Goal 4, Quality Education.

Leslee will once again be attending the Vatican later this year on the 14th May 2020, for the official launch of the ‘Global compact for education’.

Pope Francis’s opening address for the ‘Education: The Global Compact’ seminar at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Inside the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Leslee Udwin seated to the Left (center).

Leslee Udwin (TE CEO & Founder) with Pope Francis and Monsignor Macelo Sánchez Sorondo.

Giulia (TE Director of Programmes) with Pope Francis and Monsignor Macelo Sánchez Sorondo.

Think Equal paper being presented at Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Leslee Udwin at  Pontifical Academy of Sciences.


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