London, December 11, 2020, A Think Equal class in Maidenhead today had a special guest: former Prime Minister Theresa May. Theresa May participated in the reading of “Rainbows in Windows”, a Think Equal book, which was created in consultation with the World Health Organization (WHO) to explain to our little ones what COVID-19 is and to provide them with the concrete tools to ensure their mental wellbeing in this time that is filled with anxiety, anger, confusion and loneliness for them. “Rainbows in Windows” was released by Think Equal in April 2020 as a response to the global pandemic. 

The Think Equal class was taught by Shenel Shefik, a Master Trainer in Think Equal’s Social and Emotional Learning programme, who is also a local Maidenhead Mum and School Teacher.

We are on a mission to achieve a global system change in Early Childhood Education and we are very pleased by the encouragement we received today from Theresa May.  Think Equal is a powerful early years’ intervention programme, which ensures a safe and free world for our next generation. After all, in our duty of care for our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, we cannot consider numeracy and literacy to be core subjects, while leaving it as optional for children to learn how to value one another and how to lead healthy relationships.“ said Leslee Udwin, Founder and Chair of Think Equal.

Shenel Shefik describes the Think Equal intervention as “a tangible toolkit which builds values and competencies in the developing brain of 3-6-year-olds, mediating empathy, equality, and inclusion.”

You can access your own copy of Rainbows in Windows here and watch Theresa May reading to the class here.

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